Generates a new private/public key pair.


SecKeyRef SecKeyCreateRandomKey(CFDictionaryRef parameters, CFErrorRef  _Nullable *error);



A dictionary you use to specify the attributes of the keys to be generated. See Key Generation Attributes for details.


An error reference pointer that is populated with a suitable error instance on failure.

Return Value

The newly generated private key or NULL on failure. Call the CFRelease function to free the key when you are done with it.


To get the associated public key, use SecKeyCopyPublicKey.

See Also

Key Generation

Generating New Cryptographic Keys

Create both asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic keys.

Storing Keys in the Secure Enclave

Create an extra layer of security for your private keys.


Gets the public key associated with the given private key.

Key Generation Attributes

Use attribute dictionary keys during cryptographic key generation.

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