Sets a handler to receive notifications of TLS key updates.


func sec_protocol_options_set_key_update_block(_ options: sec_protocol_options_t, _ key_update_block: @escaping sec_protocol_key_update_t, _ key_update_queue: DispatchQueue)

See Also

Handling TLS Events

typealias sec_protocol_verify_t

A block that delivers a trust object for verification during a TLS handshake.

typealias sec_protocol_verify_complete_t

A block you return to indicate the result of a trust verification, where true indicates verification success.

typealias sec_protocol_challenge_t

A block that delivers the current TLS state for a handshake upon an identity challenge.

typealias sec_protocol_challenge_complete_t

A block you return to indicate the identity with which to reply to a challenge.

typealias sec_protocol_key_update_t

A block that delivers the current TLS state upon a key update.

typealias sec_protocol_key_update_complete_t

A block you return to indicate that you have finished responding to a key update.

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