A structure containing a set of authorization items.


struct AuthorizationItemSet


Because it is actually a set, the list of items should not contain any duplicates.




Initializes an authorization item set.

init(count: UInt32, items: UnsafeMutablePointer<AuthorizationItem>?)

Initializes an authorization item set with the given items.

Instance Properties

var count: UInt32

The number of elements in the items array.

var items: UnsafeMutablePointer<AuthorizationItem>?

A pointer to an array of authorization items.

See Also

Authorization Items

struct AuthorizationItem

A structure containing information about an authorization right or the authorization environment.

typealias AuthorizationRights

An authorization item set designated to represent a set of rights.

typealias AuthorizationEnvironment

An authorization item set designated to hold environment information relevant to authorization decisions.

Authorization Name Tags

Use name tags to define authorization security items.

func AuthorizationFreeItemSet(UnsafeMutablePointer<AuthorizationItemSet>) -> OSStatus

Frees the memory associated with a set of authorization items.