Combine certificates and cryptographic keys into identities.


An identity consists of a private key packaged with the certificate that contains and vouches for the corresponding public key. You use the certificate, key, and trust services API to create an identity from a private key and its certificate, or to import an identity from a password-protected PKCS #12 file. You then use the API to extract the key and certificate from the identity. You can also use the keychain services API to store the identity to or retrieve it from a keychain, much as you would the certificate or key by itself.



Creating an Identity

Create an identity from a certificate and private key.

Storing an Identity in the Keychain

Securely store an identity in the keychain.

class SecIdentity

An abstract Core Foundation-type object representing an identity.

func SecIdentityGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the unique identifier of the opaque type to which an identity object belongs.

Identity Import

Importing an Identity

Learn how to import an identity from file.

func SecPKCS12Import(CFData, CFDictionary, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFArray?>) -> OSStatus

Returns the identities and certificates in a PKCS #12-formatted blob.

Keychain Import and Export Options

Use these constants when you pass dictionary-based arguments to import and export functions.

PKCS #12 Import Item Keys

Recognized the dictionary keys returned by an import operation.

Identity Components

Parsing an Identity

Extract the private key and certificate from an identity.

System Identities

func SecIdentitySetSystemIdentity(CFString, SecIdentity?) -> OSStatus

Assigns the system identity to be associated with a specified domain.

System Identity Domains

Set or obtain a system identity for domains.

Identity Naming

func SecIdentitySetPreferred(SecIdentity?, CFString, CFArray?) -> OSStatus

Sets the identity that should be preferred for the specified name and key use.

func SecIdentityCopyPreferred(CFString, CFArray?, CFArray?) -> SecIdentity?

Retrieves the preferred identity for the specified name and key use.

Identity Search

class SecIdentitySearch

Contains information about an identity search.

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