Storing an Identity in the Keychain

Securely store an identity in the keychain.


You store an identity in or retrieve an identity from a keychain much as you would a certificate, as described in Storing a Certificate in the Keychain.

Private keys have a one-to-many relationship with certificates. That is, a single private key can be paired with multiple certificates, but a given certificate corresponds to exactly one private key. As a result, the fields that distinguish one identity from another are the same as those of the certificate it contains. As a result, working with identities as keychain items is very much like working with certificates, with a few minor adjustments:

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First Steps

Creating an Identity

Create an identity from a certificate and private key.


Creates a new identity for a certificate and its associated private key.


An abstract Core Foundation-type object representing an identity.


Returns the unique identifier of the opaque type to which an identity object belongs.