Constants that can be set to specify what certificates to include in a signed message.


enum CMSCertificateChainMode : UInt32


Use these with the CMSEncoderSetCertificateChainMode(_:_:) function.



case none

Don't include any certificates.

case signerOnly

Only include signer certificates.

case chain

Include the signer certificate chain up to but not including the root certificate.

case chainWithRoot

Include the entire signer certificate chain, including the root certificate.

Enumeration Cases

See Also

Message Creation

func CMSEncoderAddRecipients(CMSEncoder, CFTypeRef) -> OSStatus

Specifies a message is to be encrypted and specifies the recipients of the message.

func CMSEncoderSetHasDetachedContent(CMSEncoder, Bool) -> OSStatus

Specifies whether the signed data is to be separate from the message.

func CMSEncoderSetEncapsulatedContentTypeOID(CMSEncoder, CFTypeRef) -> OSStatus

Specifies an object identifier for the encapsulated data of a signed message.

struct CMSSignedAttributes

Optional attributes you can add to a signed message.

func CMSEncoderSetCertificateChainMode(CMSEncoder, CMSCertificateChainMode) -> OSStatus

Specifies which certificates to include in a signed CMS message.

func CMSEncoderSetSignerAlgorithm(CMSEncoder, CFString) -> OSStatus

Sets the digest algorithm to use for the signer.