Guest Creation Flags

Use these supplemental flags to create a guest object.


These flags supplement the flags described in SecCSFlags. Use these additional constants with the flags parameter of the SecHostCreateGuest(_:_:_:_:_:_:) function.



var kSecCSDedicatedHost: UInt32

Declares dedicated hosting for the given host.

var kSecCSGenerateGuestHash: UInt32

Ask the host to generate the unique binary identifier (kSecCodeInfoUnique) from the copy on disk at the path given.

See Also

Guest Code

Hosting Guest Code

Securely launch and manage plug-ins and other executable entities, known as guest code, from within your app acting as a host.

func SecCodeCopyGuestWithAttributes(SecCode?, CFDictionary?, SecCSFlags, UnsafeMutablePointer<SecCode?>) -> OSStatus

Asks a code host to identify one of its guests given the type and value of specific attributes of the guest code.

Null Guest Handle

Use this special value to stand in for a null guest object.

struct SecCodeStatus

Operational flags attached by code signing services to running code.

Guest Attribute Dictionary Keys

Specify attributes of guest code.

typealias SecGuestRef

A reference to a guest object, which identifies a particular block of guest code in the context of its code signing host.