Code Signing Information Flags

Use these supplemental flags to retrieve signing information.


Use these constants with the SecCodeCopySigningInformation(_:_:_:) function to specify what type of information to return. See Signing Information Dictionary Keys for more information about the information returned.



var kSecCSInternalInformation: UInt32

Internal code signing information.

var kSecCSSigningInformation: UInt32

Cryptographic signing information.

var kSecCSRequirementInformation: UInt32

Code requirements—including the designated requirement—embedded in the code.

var kSecCSDynamicInformation: UInt32

Dynamic validity information about running code.

var kSecCSContentInformation: UInt32

More information about the file system contents making up the signed code on disk.

var kSecCSSkipResourceDirectory: UInt32

Suppress validating the resource directory.

See Also

Code Signatures

Signing Information Dictionary Keys

Use these keys from the information dictionary when you retrieve information from a code signature.

struct SecCodeSignatureFlags

Specify option flags that can be embedded in a code signature during signing and that govern the use of the signature.

enum SecCSDigestAlgorithm

The list of digest algorithms available for code signatures.