Global Variable


A MobileMe server error occurred.


var errSecMobileMeServerError: OSStatus { get }

See Also

Mobile Me Result Codes

var errSecMobileMeRequestQueued: OSStatus

The MobileMe request will be sent during the next connection.

var errSecMobileMeRequestRedirected: OSStatus

The MobileMe request was redirected.

var errSecMobileMeServerNotAvailable: OSStatus

The MobileMe server is not available.

var errSecMobileMeServerAlreadyExists: OSStatus

The MobileMe server reported that the item already exists.

var errSecMobileMeServerServiceErr: OSStatus

A MobileMe service error occurred.

var errSecMobileMeRequestAlreadyPending: OSStatus

A MobileMe request is already pending.

var errSecMobileMeNoRequestPending: OSStatus

MobileMe has no request pending.

var errSecMobileMeCSRVerifyFailure: OSStatus

A MobileMe certificate signing request verification failure occurred.

var errSecMobileMeFailedConsistencyCheck: OSStatus

MobileMe found a failed consistency check.

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