Global Variable


The PVC is already configured.


var errSecPVCAlreadyConfigured: OSStatus { get }

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Other Result Codes

var errSecAddinLoadFailed: OSStatus

The add-in load operation failed.

var errSecAddinUnloadFailed: OSStatus

The add-in unload operation failed.

var errSecAlgorithmMismatch: OSStatus

An algorithm mismatch occurred.

var errSecAlreadyLoggedIn: OSStatus

The user is already logged in.

var errSecAppleInvalidKeyEndDate: OSStatus

The specified key has an invalid end date.

var errSecAppleInvalidKeyStartDate: OSStatus

The specified key has an invalid start date.

var errSecAppleSSLv2Rollback: OSStatus

A SSLv2 rollback error has occurred.

var errSecAppleSignatureMismatch: OSStatus

A signature mismatch has occurred.

var errSecAttachHandleBusy: OSStatus

The CSP handle was busy.

var errSecAttributeNotInContext: OSStatus

An attribute was not in the context.

var errSecBlockSizeMismatch: OSStatus

A block size mismatch occurred.

var errSecConversionError: OSStatus

A conversion error has occurred.

var errSecDatabaseLocked: OSStatus

The database is locked.

var errSecDecode: OSStatus

Unable to decode the provided data.

var errSecDeviceError: OSStatus

A device error was encountered.

var errSecDeviceFailed: OSStatus

A device failure has occurred.

var errSecDeviceReset: OSStatus

A device reset has occurred.

var errSecDeviceVerifyFailed: OSStatus

A device verification failure has occurred.

var errSecEMMLoadFailed: OSStatus

The elective module manager load failed.

var errSecEMMUnloadFailed: OSStatus

The elective module manager unload has failed.

var errSecEventNotificationCallbackNotFound: OSStatus

An event notification callback was not found.

var errSecExtendedKeyUsageNotCritical: OSStatus

The extended key usage extension was not marked critical.

var errSecFieldSpecifiedMultiple: OSStatus

Too many fields were specified.

var errSecFileTooBig: OSStatus

The file is too big.

var errSecFunctionIntegrityFail: OSStatus

A function address is not within the verified module.

var errSecHostNameMismatch: OSStatus

A host name mismatch has occurred.

var errSecIncompatibleDatabaseBlob: OSStatus

The specified database has an incompatible blob.

var errSecIncompatibleFieldFormat: OSStatus

The field format is incompatible.

var errSecIncompatibleKeyBlob: OSStatus

The specified database has an incompatible key blob.

var errSecIncompatibleVersion: OSStatus

The version is incompatible.

var errSecInputLengthError: OSStatus

An input length error occurred.

var errSecInsufficientClientID: OSStatus

The client ID is incorrect.

var errSecInsufficientCredentials: OSStatus

Insufficient credentials were detected.

var errSecInvalidAccessCredentials: OSStatus

Invalid access credentials were detected.

var errSecInvalidAccessRequest: OSStatus

The access request is invalid.

var errSecInvalidAction: OSStatus

The action is invalid.

var errSecInvalidAddinFunctionTable: OSStatus

An invalid add-in function table was detected.

var errSecInvalidAlgorithm: OSStatus

An invalid algorithm was detected.

var errSecInvalidAuthority: OSStatus

The authority is not valid.

var errSecInvalidAuthorityKeyID: OSStatus

The authority key ID is not valid.

var errSecInvalidBundleInfo: OSStatus

The bundle information is not valid.

var errSecInvalidContext: OSStatus

An invalid context was detected.

var errSecInvalidDBList: OSStatus

An invalid DB list was detected.

var errSecInvalidDBLocation: OSStatus

The database location is not valid.

var errSecInvalidData: OSStatus

Invalid data was detected.

var errSecInvalidDatabaseBlob: OSStatus

The specified database has an invalid blob.

var errSecInvalidDigestAlgorithm: OSStatus

An invalid digest algorithm was detected.

var errSecInvalidEncoding: OSStatus

The encoding is not valid.

var errSecInvalidExtendedKeyUsage: OSStatus

The extended key usage is not valid.

var errSecInvalidFormType: OSStatus

The form type is not valid.

var errSecInvalidGUID: OSStatus

An invalid GUID was detected.

var errSecInvalidHandle: OSStatus

An invalid handle was encountered.

var errSecInvalidHandleUsage: OSStatus

The common security services manager handle does not match with the service type.

var errSecInvalidID: OSStatus

The ID is not valid.

var errSecInvalidIDLinkage: OSStatus

The ID linkage is not valid.

var errSecInvalidIdentifier: OSStatus

The identifier is not valid.

var errSecInvalidIndex: OSStatus

The index is not valid.

var errSecInvalidIndexInfo: OSStatus

The index information is not valid.

var errSecInvalidInputVector: OSStatus

The input vector is not valid.

var errSecInvalidLoginName: OSStatus

An invalid login name was detected.

var errSecInvalidModifyMode: OSStatus

The modify mode is not valid.

var errSecInvalidName: OSStatus

An invalid name was detected.

var errSecInvalidNetworkAddress: OSStatus

An invalid network address was detected.

var errSecInvalidNewOwner: OSStatus

The new owner is not valid.

var errSecInvalidNumberOfFields: OSStatus

An invalid number of fields were detected.

var errSecInvalidOutputVector: OSStatus

The output vector is not valid.

var errSecInvalidOwnerEdit: OSStatus

An invalid attempt to change the owner of an item.

var errSecInvalidPVC: OSStatus

An invalid pointer validation checking policy was detected.

var errSecInvalidParsingModule: OSStatus

The parsing module is not valid.

var errSecInvalidPassthroughID: OSStatus

An invalid passthrough ID was detected.

var errSecInvalidPasswordRef: OSStatus

The password reference is invalid.

var errSecInvalidPointer: OSStatus

An invalid pointer was detected.

var errSecInvalidPolicyIdentifiers: OSStatus

The policy identifiers are not valid.

var errSecInvalidQuery: OSStatus

The specified query is not valid.

var errSecInvalidReason: OSStatus

The trust policy reason is not valid.

var errSecInvalidRecord: OSStatus

An invalid record was detected.

var errSecInvalidRequestInputs: OSStatus

The request inputs are not valid.

var errSecInvalidRequestor: OSStatus

The requestor is not valid.

var errSecInvalidResponseVector: OSStatus

The response vector is not valid.

var errSecInvalidRoot: OSStatus

The root or anchor certificate is not valid.

var errSecInvalidSampleValue: OSStatus

An invalid sample value was detected.

var errSecInvalidScope: OSStatus

An invalid scope was detected.

var errSecInvalidServiceMask: OSStatus

An invalid service mask was detected.

var errSecInvalidSignature: OSStatus

An invalid signature was detected.

var errSecInvalidStopOnPolicy: OSStatus

The stop-on policy is not valid.

var errSecInvalidSubServiceID: OSStatus

An invalid sub-service ID was detected.

var errSecInvalidSubjectKeyID: OSStatus

The subject key ID is not valid.

var errSecInvalidTimeString: OSStatus

The time specified is not valid.

var errSecInvalidTrustSetting: OSStatus

The trust setting is invalid.

var errSecInvalidTrustSettings: OSStatus

The trust settings record is corrupted.

var errSecInvalidTuple: OSStatus

The tuple is not valid.

var errSecInvalidTupleCredendtials: OSStatus

The tuple credentials are not valid.

var errSecInvalidTupleGroup: OSStatus

The tuple group is not valid.

var errSecInvalidValidityPeriod: OSStatus

The validity period is not valid.

var errSecInvalidValue: OSStatus

An invalid value was detected.

var errSecLibraryReferenceNotFound: OSStatus

A library reference was not found.

var errSecMDSError: OSStatus

A module directory service error occurred.

var errSecMemoryError: OSStatus

A memory error occurred.

var errSecMissingEntitlement: OSStatus

A required entitlement is missing.

var errSecMissingRequiredExtension: OSStatus

A required certificate extension is missing.

var errSecMissingValue: OSStatus

A missing value was detected.

var errSecModuleManifestVerifyFailed: OSStatus

A module manifest verification failure occurred.

var errSecModuleNotLoaded: OSStatus

A module was not loaded.

var errSecMultiplePrivKeys: OSStatus

An attempt was made to import multiple private keys.

var errSecMultipleValuesUnsupported: OSStatus

Multiple values are not supported.

var errSecNoAccessForItem: OSStatus

The specified item has no access control.

var errSecNoBasicConstraints: OSStatus

No basic constraints were found.

var errSecNoBasicConstraintsCA: OSStatus

No basic CA constraints were found.

var errSecNoDefaultAuthority: OSStatus

No default authority was detected.

var errSecNoFieldValues: OSStatus

No field values were detected.

var errSecNoTrustSettings: OSStatus

No trust settings were found.

var errSecNotInitialized: OSStatus

A function was called without initializing the common security services manager.

var errSecNotLoggedIn: OSStatus

You are not logged in.

var errSecNotSigner: OSStatus

The certificate is not signed by its proposed parent.

var errSecNotTrusted: OSStatus

The trust policy is not trusted.

var errSecOutputLengthError: OSStatus

An output length error was detected.

var errSecPVCReferentNotFound: OSStatus

A reference to the calling module was not found in the list of authorized callers.

var errSecPassphraseRequired: OSStatus

A password is required for import or export.

var errSecPathLengthConstraintExceeded: OSStatus

The path length constraint was exceeded.

var errSecPkcs12VerifyFailure: OSStatus

MAC verification failed during PKCS12 Import.

var errSecPolicyNotFound: OSStatus

The specified policy cannot be found.

var errSecPrivilegeNotGranted: OSStatus

The privilege is not granted.

var errSecPrivilegeNotSupported: OSStatus

The privilege is not supported.

var errSecPublicKeyInconsistent: OSStatus

The public key is inconsistent.

var errSecQuerySizeUnknown: OSStatus

The query size is unknown.

var errSecQuotaExceeded: OSStatus

The quota was exceeded.

var errSecRejectedForm: OSStatus

The trust policy has a rejected form.

var errSecRequestDescriptor: OSStatus

The request descriptor is not valid.

var errSecRequestRejected: OSStatus

The request is rejected.

var errSecServiceNotAvailable: OSStatus

The required service is not available.

var errSecStagedOperationInProgress: OSStatus

A staged operation is in progress.

var errSecStagedOperationNotStarted: OSStatus

A staged operation was not started.

var errSecTagNotFound: OSStatus

The specified tag is not found.

var errSecTrustNotAvailable: OSStatus

No trust results are available.

var errSecUnknownFormat: OSStatus

The item you are trying to import has an unknown format.

var errSecUnknownTag: OSStatus

An unknown tag was detected.

var errSecUnsupportedAddressType: OSStatus

The address type is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedFieldFormat: OSStatus

The field format is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedFormat: OSStatus

The specified import or export format is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedIndexInfo: OSStatus

The index information is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedLocality: OSStatus

The locality is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedNumAttributes: OSStatus

The number of attributes is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedNumIndexes: OSStatus

The number of indexes is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedNumRecordTypes: OSStatus

The number of record types is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedNumSelectionPreds: OSStatus

The number of selection predicates is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedOperator: OSStatus

The operator is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedQueryLimits: OSStatus

The query limits are not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedService: OSStatus

The service is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedVectorOfBuffers: OSStatus

The vector of buffers is not supported.

var errSecVerificationFailure: OSStatus

A verification failure occurred.

var errSecVerifyFailed: OSStatus

A cryptographic verification failure occurred.