Global Variable


The Security Server denied externalization of the authorization reference.


var errAuthorizationExternalizeNotAllowed: OSStatus { get }

See Also


var errAuthorizationSuccess: OSStatus

The operation completed successfully.

var errAuthorizationInvalidSet: OSStatus

The set parameter is invalid.

var errAuthorizationInvalidRef: OSStatus

The authorization parameter is invalid.

var errAuthorizationInvalidTag: OSStatus

The tag parameter is invalid.

var errAuthorizationInvalidPointer: OSStatus

The authorizedRights parameter is invalid.

var errAuthorizationDenied: OSStatus

The Security Server denied authorization for one or more requested rights.

var errAuthorizationCanceled: OSStatus

The user canceled the operation.

var errAuthorizationInteractionNotAllowed: OSStatus

The Security Server denied authorization because no user interaction is allowed.

var errAuthorizationInternal: OSStatus

An unrecognized internal error occurred.

var errAuthorizationInternalizeNotAllowed: OSStatus

The Security Server denied internalization of the authorization reference.

var errAuthorizationInvalidFlags: OSStatus

The flags parameter is invalid.

var errAuthorizationToolEnvironmentError: OSStatus

The attempt to execute the tool failed to return a success or an error code.

var errAuthorizationBadAddress: OSStatus

The requested socket address is invalid.