Global Variable


The key attribute mask is not valid.


var errSecInvalidKeyAttributeMask: OSStatus { get }

See Also

Cryptographic Key Result Codes

var errSecKeyUsageIncorrect: OSStatus

The key usage is incorrect.

var errSecKeyBlobTypeIncorrect: OSStatus

The key blob type is incorrect.

var errSecKeyHeaderInconsistent: OSStatus

The key header is inconsistent.

var errSecKeyIsSensitive: OSStatus

The key must be wrapped to be exported.

var errSecUnsupportedKeyFormat: OSStatus

The key header format is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedKeySize: OSStatus

The key size is not supported.

var errSecInvalidKeyUsageMask: OSStatus

The key usage mask is not valid.

var errSecUnsupportedKeyUsageMask: OSStatus

The key usage mask is not supported.

var errSecUnsupportedKeyAttributeMask: OSStatus

The key attribute mask is not supported.

var errSecInvalidKeyLabel: OSStatus

The key label is not valid.

var errSecUnsupportedKeyLabel: OSStatus

The key label is not supported.

var errSecInvalidKeyFormat: OSStatus

The key format is not valid.

var errSecInvalidKeyBlob: OSStatus

The specified database has an invalid key blob.

var errSecInvalidKeyHierarchy: OSStatus

An invalid key hierarchy was detected.

var errSecInvalidKeyRef: OSStatus

An invalid key was encountered.

var errSecInvalidKeyUsageForPolicy: OSStatus

The key usage is not valid for the specified policy.

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