Global Variable


The attribute is read-only.


var errSecReadOnlyAttr: OSStatus { get }

See Also

Keychain Result Codes

var errSecNotAvailable: OSStatus

No trust results are available.

var errSecAuthFailed: OSStatus

Authorization and/or authentication failed.

var errSecNoSuchKeychain: OSStatus

The keychain does not exist.

var errSecInvalidKeychain: OSStatus

The keychain is not valid.

var errSecDuplicateKeychain: OSStatus

A keychain with the same name already exists.

var errSecDuplicateCallback: OSStatus

More than one callback of the same name exists.

var errSecInvalidCallback: OSStatus

The callback is not valid.

var errSecDuplicateItem: OSStatus

The item already exists.

var errSecItemNotFound: OSStatus

The item cannot be found.

var errSecBufferTooSmall: OSStatus

The buffer is too small.

var errSecDataTooLarge: OSStatus

The data is too large for the particular data type.

var errSecNoSuchAttr: OSStatus

The attribute does not exist.

var errSecInvalidItemRef: OSStatus

The item reference is invalid.

var errSecInvalidSearchRef: OSStatus

The search reference is invalid.

var errSecNoSuchClass: OSStatus

The keychain item class does not exist.

var errSecNoDefaultKeychain: OSStatus

A default keychain does not exist.

var errSecInteractionNotAllowed: OSStatus

Interaction with the Security Server is not allowed.

var errSecWrongSecVersion: OSStatus

The version is incorrect.

var errSecKeySizeNotAllowed: OSStatus

The key size is not allowed.

var errSecNoStorageModule: OSStatus

There is no storage module available.

var errSecNoCertificateModule: OSStatus

There is no certificate module available.

var errSecNoPolicyModule: OSStatus

There is no policy module available.

var errSecInteractionRequired: OSStatus

User interaction is required.

var errSecDataNotAvailable: OSStatus

The data is not available.

var errSecDataNotModifiable: OSStatus

The data is not modifiable.

var errSecCreateChainFailed: OSStatus

The attempt to create a certificate chain failed.

var errSecInvalidPrefsDomain: OSStatus

The preference domain specified is invalid.

var errSecInDarkWake: OSStatus

The user interface cannot be displayed because the system is in a dark wake state.