Global Variable


A timestamp transaction is waiting.


var errSecTimestampWaiting: OSStatus { get }

See Also

Timestamp Result Codes

var errSecTimestampMissing: OSStatus

A timestamp is expected but is not found.

var errSecTimestampInvalid: OSStatus

The timestamp is not valid.

var errSecTimestampNotTrusted: OSStatus

The timestamp is not trusted.

var errSecTimestampServiceNotAvailable: OSStatus

The timestamp service is not available.

var errSecTimestampBadAlg: OSStatus

Found an unrecognized or unsupported algorithm identifier (AI) in timestamp.

var errSecTimestampBadRequest: OSStatus

The timestamp transaction is not permitted or supported.

var errSecTimestampBadDataFormat: OSStatus

The timestamp data submitted has the wrong format.

var errSecTimestampTimeNotAvailable: OSStatus

The time source for the timestamp authority is not available.

var errSecTimestampUnacceptedPolicy: OSStatus

The requested policy is not supported by the timestamp authority.

var errSecTimestampUnacceptedExtension: OSStatus

The requested extension is not supported by the timestamp authority.

var errSecTimestampAddInfoNotAvailable: OSStatus

The additional information requested is not available.

var errSecTimestampSystemFailure: OSStatus

The timestamp request cannot be handled due to a system failure .

var errSecSigningTimeMissing: OSStatus

A signing time is missing.

var errSecTimestampRejection: OSStatus

A timestamp transaction is rejected.

var errSecTimestampRevocationWarning: OSStatus

A timestamp authority revocation warning is issued.

var errSecTimestampRevocationNotification: OSStatus

A timestamp authority revocation notification is issued.

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