Global Variable


The setting for an initialization vector.


let kSecIVKey: CFString


The key’s associated value is an initialization vector. Provide random bytes for this value—for example, created by calling the SecRandomCopyBytes(_:_:_:) method—unless your specification requires something else. The number of bytes in the vector should match the block size of the underlying block cipher. For example, use 16 bytes for AES encryption.

If you don’t supply a value for this key, any operations that require an initialization vector use a value of zero by default, which can compromise the security of your encryption.

See Also

Digest and Encryption Keys

let kSecDigestHMACKeyAttribute: CFString

The key for HMAC operation.

let kSecInputIsAttributeName: CFString

The type of input to the transform.

let kSecEncryptKey: CFString

The encryption key for the transform.

let kSecPaddingKey: CFString

The kind of padding to use.