Global Variable


The OAEP encoding parameters.


let kSecOAEPEncodingParametersAttributeName: CFString


Set this value to a CFData object when the kSecPaddingKey attribute is set to kSecPaddingOAEPKey. If you don't set this attribute, a zero length data object is used by default.

This attribute is ignored when padding is not set to OAEP.

See Also

Digest and Encryption Keys

let kSecDigestHMACKeyAttribute: CFString

The key for HMAC operation.

let kSecInputIsAttributeName: CFString

The type of input to the transform.

let kSecEncryptKey: CFString

The encryption key for the transform.

let kSecIVKey: CFString

The setting for an initialization vector.

let kSecPaddingKey: CFString

The kind of padding to use.