The import/export parameter structure.


struct SecItemImportExportKeyParameters


Use this structure as the keyParams input parameter to the SecItemExport(_:_:_:_:_:) and the SecItemImport(_:_:_:_:_:_:_:_:) functions.


Instance Properties

var accessRef: Unmanaged<SecAccess>?

Specifies the initial access controls of imported private keys.

var alertPrompt: Unmanaged<CFString>?

The prompt to display in the secure passphrase alert panel.

var alertTitle: Unmanaged<CFString>?

The title to display in the secure passphrase alert panel.

var flags: SecKeyImportExportFlags

The bitwise OR of zero or more key import/export flags.

var keyAttributes: Unmanaged<CFArray>?

An array containing zero or more key attributes for an imported key.

var keyUsage: Unmanaged<CFArray>?

An array containing usage attributes applied to a key on import.

var passphrase: Unmanaged<CFTypeRef>?

The password to use during key import or export.

var version: UInt32

The version of this structure.