An enumeration indicating different types of internal requirements for code.


enum SecRequirementType : UInt32


These constants are indexes into requirement sets and are not currently used in any public API.



case hostRequirementType

What hosts may run this code.

case guestRequirementType

What guests this code may run.

case designatedRequirementType

A designated requirement.

case libraryRequirementType

What libraries this code may link against.

case pluginRequirementType

What plug-ins this code may load.

case invalidRequirementType

Invalid type of requirement.

static var requirementTypeCount: SecRequirementType

The number of valid requirement types.

See Also

Code Requirements

Applying Code Requirements

Manage the code requirements that apply to your signed code.

class SecRequirement

A code requirement object.

func SecRequirementGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID

Returns the unique identifier of the opaque type to which a code requirement object belongs.