The keys that describe the metadata attributes of transform attributes.


enum SecTransformMetaAttributeType : CFIndex


Use one of these values as the type parameter in a call to the SecTransformCustomSetAttribute(_:_:_:_:) or SecTransformCustomGetAttribute(_:_:_:) function. These values allow you to access not only the value of an attribute, as you would do directly with calls the SecTransformSetAttribute(_:_:_:_:) or SecTransformGetAttribute(_:_:) function, but also the metadata associated with that attribute, such as the name of an attribute, or whether it is required to have a value.



case canCycle

The transform allows cyclic behavior.

case deferred

The attribute defers notifications.

case externalize

The attribute is exportable.

case hasInboundConnection

The attribute has an inbound connection.

case hasOutboundConnections

The attribute has an outbound connection.

case name

The name of the attribute.

case ref

A direct reference to an attribute's value.

case required

Indicates whether the attribute value is optional.

case requiresOutboundConnection

The attribute requires an outbound connection.

case stream

The attribute expects stream operation.

case value

The actual value of the attribute.