Allows authorization plug-in developers to create a custom view their plug-in can display.


@interface SFAuthorizationPluginView : NSObject


If you’re developing an authorization plug-in, you can subclass the SFAuthorizationPluginView class to create views that provide a custom user interface for your plug-in. By subclassing the SFAuthorizationPluginView class, you avoid changing or duplicating the Apple-provided authentication or login window dialogs to display your custom view.

To instantiate your SFAuthorizationPluginView subclass, you need the callbacks structure containing entry points to the Security Server that you receive in your plug-in’s AuthorizationPluginCreate function and the authorization engine handle you receive in your plug-in’s MechanismCreate function.

Your custom subclass of SFAuthorizationPluginView must override the following methods:


Initializing an SFAuthorizationPluginView Object

- initWithCallbacks:andEngineRef:

Initializes a new authorization plug-in view with the specified callbacks and authorization engine handle.

Getting Instance Information

- callbacks

Returns the authorization callbacks structure with which this instance was initialized.

- engineRef

Returns the authorization engine handle with which this instance was initialized.

- lastError

Returns the last error that occurred during evaluation.

Responding to User Actions

- buttonPressed:

Tells the authorization plug-in that the user pressed a button in the custom view.

- viewForType:

Returns the appropriate view object for the specified view type.

Configuring the User Interface

- didActivate

Tells the authorization plug-in when its user interface has become active.

- didDeactivate

Tells the authorization plug-in that its user interface has been deactivated.

- willActivateWithUser:

Tells the authorization plug-in that its user interface is about to be made active by the Apple-provided Security Agent.

Setting Up the Keyboard Loop

- firstKeyView

Returns the first view in the keyboard loop of the view.

- firstResponder

Returns the view that should get focus for keyboard events.

- lastKeyView

Returns the last view in the keyboard loop of the view.

Enabling and Disabling Controls

- setEnabled:

Enables or disables the controls in the authorization plug-in's view.

Communicating with the Authorization Plug-in

- displayView

Displays the user interface provided by the authorization plug-in view subclass.

- setButton:enabled:

Enables or disables a button in the authorization plug-in's user interface.

- updateView

Tells the authorization plug-in to get and display the appropriate view in the authorization plug-in’s user interface.



These constants define the button types used by authorization plug-ins.


These constants define the view type requested by the authorization plug-in.


Exceptions thrown by the SFAuthorizationPluginView class


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