Instance Method


Displays a Help button in the sheet or panel.


- (void)setShowsHelp:(BOOL)showsHelp;



Set to YES to display the help button. The help button is hidden by default.


When a user clicks the help button, the choose identity panel first checks the delegate for a certificatePanelShowHelp: method. If the delegate does not implement such a method, or the delegate method returns NO, then the NSHelpManager method openHelpAnchor:inBook: is called with a nil book and the anchor specified by the setHelpAnchor: method. An exception is raised if the delegate returns NO and there is no help anchor set.

See Also

Providing Help

- setHelpAnchor:

Sets the help anchor string for the sheet or modal panel.

- helpAnchor

Returns the current help anchor string for the sheet or panel.

- showsHelp

Indicates whether the help button is currently set to be displayed.