Returns the one-norm (the sum of absolute values) of a vector.


func simd_norm_one(_ __x: simd_double4) -> Double

See Also

Geometry Functions

func simd_dot(simd_double4, simd_double4) -> Double

Returns the dot product of two vectors.

func simd_normalize(simd_double4) -> simd_double4

Returns a vector pointing in the same direction of the supplied vector with a length of 1.

func simd_project(simd_double4, simd_double4) -> simd_double4

Returns the first vector projected onto the second vector.

func simd_precise_normalize(simd_double4) -> simd_double4

Returns the precise normalized vector.

func simd_distance_squared(simd_double4, simd_double4) -> Double

Returns the square of the distance between two vectors.

func simd_length(simd_double4) -> Double

Returns the length of a vector.

func simd_length_squared(simd_double4) -> Double

Returns the square of the length of a vector.

func simd_norm_inf(simd_double4) -> Double

Returns the inf-norm (the maximum absolute value) of a vector.

func simd_refract(simd_double4, simd_double4, Double) -> simd_double4

Returns the refraction direction of an incident vector, a unit normal vector, and an index of refraction eta.

func simd_reflect(simd_double4, simd_double4) -> simd_double4

Returns the reflection direction of an incident vector and a unit normal vector.