Common Data Types

Manage common data types such as strings, dates, currencies, images, and contacts.



class INPerson

The information about a user involved in a SiriKit interaction.

class INPersonHandle

The identifying information for a user of your app.

struct INPersonHandleLabel

Constants describing how the person handle relates to the user.


class INImage

Image data inside an Intents extension or Intents UI extension.


class INSpeakableString

A custom phrase to be resolved by an Intents extension.

protocol INSpeakable

Pronunciation hints for strings used in a spoken interface.


class INCurrencyAmount

An amount of money to transfer during a financial transaction.

class INPriceRange

Price information, as a range of possible values.


class INRecurrenceRule

An object that describes the pattern to use when repeating an event.


enum INConditionalOperator

Constants indicating how search attributes are interpreted.


class INFile

An object that describes a file.

See Also

Common Objects

class INInteraction

An interaction between the user and your app involving an intent object.

Common Resolution Results

Resolve common types of data like strings and dates into specific values that your app recognizes.

Intent Class Identifiers

Identify intents specified by user notifications.