Constants indicating the type of account involved in a financial transaction.


enum INAccountType : Int



case unknown

An unknown type of account.

case checking

A checking account.

case credit

A credit card account.

case debit

A debit account.

case investment

An investment account.

case mortgage

A mortgage account.

case prepaid

A prepaid account.

case saving

A savings account.

See Also

Data Objects

class INBillDetails

The detailed information associated with a bill.

class INBillPayee

The entity that receives the proceeds from a bill payment.

class INCurrencyAmount

An amount of money to transfer during a financial transaction.

class INPaymentAccount

A user account that provides the funds when making a payment.

class INPaymentAmount

The amount of money to apply to a bill payment.

class INPaymentMethod

Information about a form of payment supported by your app.

class INPaymentRecord

Detailed information about a financial transaction made between two users.

enum INPaymentStatus

Constants indicating the state of the financial transaction.

class INPerson

The information about a user involved in a SiriKit interaction.