Instance Method


Creates an object whose resolution successfully matches the specified temporal event.


- (instancetype)initWithTemporalEventTriggerResolutionResult:(INTemporalEventTriggerResolutionResult *)temporalEventTriggerResolutionResult;



The value that resolves the requested parameter of the intent. This value may be different than the one specified in the intent object.

Return Value

A new INAddTasksTemporalEventTriggerResolutionResult object or nil if the object could not be created.


Use this method to create a result object when you’re able to resolve the temporal event trigger for the user's intent.

See Also

Creating a Resolution Result

+ unsupportedForReason:

Creates an object whose resolution provides a reason why the temporal event trigger cannot be applied to the task the user intends to create.


Reasons the app can't create a task with a particular temporal event trigger.