Your app’s response to a request to append content to a note.


class INAppendToNoteIntentResponse : INIntentResponse


Use an INAppendToNoteIntentResponse object to return information about the updated note. Siri communicates the information from the response to the user at appropriate times. Be sure to include the details of the note in the note property.

You create an INAppendToNoteIntentResponse object in the confirm(intent:completion:) and handle(intent:completion:) methods of your handler object. For more information about implementing your handler object, see INAppendToNoteIntentHandling.


Initializing the Response Object

init(code: INAppendToNoteIntentResponseCode, userActivity: NSUserActivity?)

Initializes the response object with the specified code and user activity object.

Getting the Response Code

var code: INAppendToNoteIntentResponseCode

The code indicating whether you successfully handled the intent.

enum INAppendToNoteIntentResponseCode

Constants indicating the state of the response.

Accessing the Note Content

var note: INNote?

The details of the note that you updated.


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Append to Note

protocol INAppendToNoteIntentHandling

The handler interface for appending content to a note.

class INAppendToNoteIntent

A request to append content to a note.