A balance associated with an account.


class INBalanceAmount : NSObject


A balance reflects any credit or debit associated with the account. Balances may reflect an amount of money, frequent flier miles, or points accumulated toward rewards.


Initializing a Balance Amount Object

init(amount: NSDecimalNumber, currencyCode: String)

Initializes a balance amount with a monetary amount.

init?(amount: NSDecimalNumber, balanceType: INBalanceType)

Initializes a balance amount object with a customizable type of information.

Getting the Balance Information

var amount: NSDecimalNumber?

The numerical amount associated with the balance.

var currencyCode: String?

The ISO 4217 currency code that applies to a monetary amount.

var balanceType: INBalanceType

The type associated with the balance.

enum INBalanceType

Constants indicating the meaning of a balance.


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Getting the Account Balance

var balance: INBalanceAmount?

The primary balance associated with the account.

var secondaryBalance: INBalanceAmount?

A secondary balance, if any, associated with the account.

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