Constants indicating the type of bill.


enum INBillType : Int



case autoInsurance

An auto insurance bill.

case cable

A cable television bill.

case carLease

A car lease payment.

case carLoan

A car loan payment.

case creditCard

A credit card bill.

case electricity

An electricity bill.

case garbageAndRecycling

A garbage and recycling bill.

case gas

A gasoline bill.

case healthInsurance

A health insurance bill.

case homeInsurance

A home insurance bill.

case internet

An internet service bill.

case lifeInsurance

A life insurance payment.

case mortgage

A mortgage payment.

case musicStreaming

A music streaming bill.

case phone

A telephone bill.

case rent

A rental payment.

case sewer

A sewer service payment.

case studentLoan

A student loan payment.

case trafficTicket

A traffic ticket bill.

case tuition

A school tuition bill.

case unknown

An unknown type of bill.

case utilities

A utility bill.

case water

A water bill.