A request to create a reservation at the specified restaurant.


class INBookRestaurantReservationIntent : INIntent


An INBookRestaurantReservationIntent object asks you to book the reservation time selected by the user. Maps sends this intent to your Intents extension when the user selects a reservation time from the available options. Use this intent object to obtain the details of the reservation, including the time slot and any selected special offers. Use those details to confirm the reservation with the restaurant and store the results in your system.

Booking a reservation is the last step in the reservation creation process. By the time the system delivers this intent to your Intents extension, the user has already had an opportunity to view a list of potential reservation times and configure the details of the reservation request. This intent object contains all of the final choices made by the user.

To handle this intent, the handler object in your Intents extension must adopt the INBookRestaurantReservationIntentHandling protocol. Your handler should resolve and confirm any parameters and create an INBookRestaurantReservationIntentResponse object with the status of the reservation.

Additional Intent Attributes

Table 1 lists additional attributes of this intent object.

Table 1

Book restaurant reservation intent attributes



Supported by


Always requires unlocked device



Getting the Restaurant Information

var restaurant: INRestaurant

The restaurant to contact regarding the booking.

Getting the Booking Details

var bookingDateComponents: DateComponents

The date and time of the reservation.

var bookingIdentifier: String?

The unique identifier associated with the initial reservation data.

var partySize: Int

The total number of people in the user’s party.

var guest: INRestaurantGuest?

The identity of the guest associated with the reservation.

Getting Special Requests and Offers

var guestProvidedSpecialRequestText: String?

Information about any special requests made by the user.

var selectedOffer: INRestaurantOffer?

The special offer, if any, selected by the user.


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See Also

Book Restaurant Reservation

protocol INBookRestaurantReservationIntentHandling

The handler interface booking a reservation that the user selected.

class INBookRestaurantReservationIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a book restaurant reservation intent.