The details about a call handled by your app.


class INCallRecord : NSObject


An INCallRecord object stores details about calls made by the user through your app. You use call record objects to communicate basic information about calls to SiriKit. A call record identifies the type of call, the duration of the call, the date and time of the call, and the person on the other end of the call. You create call record objects when reporting search results back to SiriKit and when identifying voicemails to play.


Identifying the Call

var identifier: String

A unique string that you can use to locate the call in your app.

Identifying the Caller

var caller: INPerson?

The person who participated in the call with the current user.

Getting the Call Details

var callRecordType: INCallRecordType

The type of call that resulted from the attempt.

var callCapability: INCallCapability

The audio and video capabilities of the call.

enum INCallCapability

Constants indicating the capabilities of the call.

var dateCreated: Date?

The date and time at which the call was initiated.

var callDuration: Double?

The duration (measured in seconds) of the call.

var unseen: Bool?

A Boolean value indicating whether the user has seen the call.

var numberOfCalls: Int?

The number of calls in the call record.


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Data Objects

enum INCallRecordType

Constants describing the type of the call.

struct INCallRecordTypeOptions

Constants describing the types of calls to include during a search.

enum INCallDestinationType

Constants describing the destination of a call.