A span of time.


class INDateComponentsRange : NSObject


Use an INDateComponentsRange object to specify date- or time-related information when responding to an intent. For example, a ride service might use this object to specify possible pickup times for the user.

You create date components range objects when providing a response that includes a time span. Use this object to specify a range of times to include in the corresponding response. When displaying the date range information to the user, Siri or Maps formats the information appropriately.


Initializing a Date Components Range

init(start: DateComponents?, end: DateComponents?)

Initializes the object using the specified start and end dates.

init(ekRecurrenceRule: EKRecurrenceRule)

Initializes the date range using the specified recurrence rule.

Getting the Date Information

var startDateComponents: DateComponents?

The start date of the range.

var endDateComponents: DateComponents?

The end date of the range.

Getting Recurring Date Information

var recurrenceRule: INRecurrenceRule?

The rule for repeating the date range.

func ekRecurrenceRule() -> EKRecurrenceRule?

Returns an Event Kit recurrence rule that matches the available information.


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class INRecurrenceRule

An object that describes the pattern to use when repeating an event.

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