A resolution result for the range of dates associated with an intent.


class INDateComponentsRangeResolutionResult : INIntentResolutionResult


An INDateComponentsRangeResolutionResult object is what you return when resolving parameters containing an INDateComponentsRange object. Use the creation method that best reflects your ability to successfully resolve the parameter.

For additional resolution options, see INIntentResolutionResult.


Creating a Resolution Result Object

class func success(with: INDateComponentsRange) -> Self

Creates an object whose resolution involves the successful matching of the specified parameter.

class func confirmationRequired(with: INDateComponentsRange?) -> Self

Creates an object whose resolution requires that the user must confirm the value before proceeding.

class func disambiguation(with: [INDateComponentsRange]) -> Self

Creates an object whose resolution requires the user to select from among the specified objects.


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Resolution Results

class INMessageAttributeResolutionResult

A resolution result for assorted attributes of a message.

class INMessageAttributeOptionsResolutionResult

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class INSendMessageRecipientResolutionResult

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class INPersonResolutionResult

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