Contains your app’s response to an end workout intent.


class INEndWorkoutIntentResponse : INIntentResponse


Use an INEndWorkoutIntentResponse object to specify whether your app is able to end a workout. The response object contains only the status code that indicates whether your app should be launched or whether there was a problem.

You create an INEndWorkoutIntentResponse object in the handle(intent:completion:) and confirm(intent:completion:) methods of your end workout handler object. For more information about implementing your handler object, see INEndWorkoutIntentHandling.


Initializing the Response Object

init(code: INEndWorkoutIntentResponseCode, userActivity: NSUserActivity?)

Initializes the response object with the specified code and user activity object.

Getting the Response Code

var code: INEndWorkoutIntentResponseCode

The code indicating whether you successfully handled the intent.

enum INEndWorkoutIntentResponseCode

Constants indicating the state of the response.


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See Also

End a Workout

protocol INEndWorkoutIntentHandling

The handler interface for completing a workout.

class INEndWorkoutIntent

A request to end the current workout and saves the results.