Your app’s response to a request for reservation details.


class INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponse : INIntentResponse


Use an INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponse object to specify the results of a user requesting reservation details in your app. After getting the reservation details action using the criteria specified in the INGetReservationDetailsIntent object, create an instance of this class with the results of the action. Siri can then use this information for system integrations, such as populating the calendar with an event.


Initializing the Response Object

init(code: INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponseCode, userActivity: NSUserActivity?)

Creates the response object with the specified code and user activity object.

Accessing the Reservations

var reservations: [INReservation]?

An array containing reservations reqeusted by the user.

Getting the Response Code

var code: INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponseCode

The code that indicates whether your app successfully handled the intent.

enum INGetReservationDetailsIntentResponseCode

Constants that indicate the status of the request for reservations details.


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Get Reservation Details

class INGetReservationDetailsIntent

A request for details about one or more reservations.