Instance Method


Stops the delivery of status updates for the specified ride.



- (void)stopSendingUpdatesForGetRideStatus:(INGetRideStatusIntent *)intent;



The intent object for which to return updates. Use the identifier property of the intent to distinguish this request from others.


SiriKit asks you to stop delivering updates when the user no longer has any active rides. You define when a ride becomes inactive by setting the rideStatus property of your response object to nil when crafting your response. You can clear this property after ride completion or wait until after you have received payment and handled any feedback from the user. Until you do, continue to provide observer updates at regular intervals.

Your implementation of this method should remove any references to the previously registered observer object and cancel any timers or repeating tasks that you used to generate updates.

See Also

Providing Ride Status Updates

- startSendingUpdatesForGetRideStatus:toObserver:

Start delivering regular updates about the specified ride.