Instance Method


Start delivering regular updates about the specified ride.



- (void)startSendingUpdatesForGetRideStatus:(INGetRideStatusIntent *)intent toObserver:(id<INGetRideStatusIntentResponseObserver>)observer;



The intent object indicating the ride for which to return updates. Use the identifier property of the intent to distinguish this request from others.


The observer object to notify with the results. Store a reference to this object and call its methods when you have a status update to deliver. For more information about the methods to call, see INGetRideStatusIntentResponseObserver.


The system calls this method when it wants you to provide periodic status updates on a previously booked ride. Your implementation should store a reference to the provided observer object and schedule a repeating task to send updates to that observer. SiriKit expects you to send updates fairly frequently, with a minimum update rate of once every 10 seconds. You should continue delivering updates until the system calls the stopSendingUpdatesForGetRideStatus: method.

This method gets called on an arbitrary thread of your Intents extension. If you generate updates using a timer, set up your timer on your extension’s main thread rather than on the current thread.

See Also

Providing Ride Status Updates

- stopSendingUpdatesForGetRideStatus:

Stops the delivery of status updates for the specified ride.