Your app’s response to a get ride status intent.


class INGetRideStatusIntentResponse : INIntentResponse


An INGetRideStatusIntentResponse object contains your app’s response to a request for the status of the user’s current ride. SiriKit can ask for the status of a ride at any time, but often this occurs in response to a direct request from the user. Use your response object to provide current details about the user’s ride, including the estimated pickup time, the pickup location, the drop-off location, the vehicle type, the driver, and so on.

You create an INGetRideStatusIntentResponse object in the confirm(intent:completion:) and handle(intent:completion:) methods of your handler object. For more information about implementing your handler object, see INGetRideStatusIntentHandling.


Initializing the Response Object

init(code: INGetRideStatusIntentResponseCode, userActivity: NSUserActivity?)

Initializes the response object with the specified code and user activity object.

Getting the Response Code

var code: INGetRideStatusIntentResponseCode

The code indicating whether you successfully handled the intent.

enum INGetRideStatusIntentResponseCode

Constants indicating the state of the response.

Getting the Ride Status Information

var rideStatus: INRideStatus?

The current status of the ride.


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Get the Ride Status

protocol INGetRideStatusIntentHandling

The handler interface for fetching the status of the user’s current ride.

class INGetRideStatusIntent

A request for the current status of a previously booked ride.

protocol INGetRideStatusIntentResponseObserver

An interface for providing updated status for an active ride.