An interface for providing updated status for an active ride.


@protocol INGetRideStatusIntentResponseObserver


The INGetRideStatusIntentResponseObserver protocol defines methods that provide SiriKit with an updated status for an active ride request. You do not implement the methods of this protocol in your own objects. Instead, the system provides an object that adopts this protocol. You call its getRideStatusResponseDidUpdate: method to deliver updated information about the status of a booked ride.

When the system initiates a request for status updates, it passes an object that adopts this protocol to the startSendingUpdatesForGetRideStatus:toObserver: method of your ride status handler object—your custom object that adopts the INGetRideStatusIntentHandling protocol. Your handler must store a reference to this object and use it to deliver regular updates about the status of the ride.

For more information about providing status updates for a ride, see INGetRideStatusIntentHandling.


Updating the Status of a Ride

Providing Live Status Updates

Provide regular updates to Maps about the status of a booked ride.

- getRideStatusResponseDidUpdate:

Call this method when you have updated information about the ride.



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