A request for the list of the user’s current reservations.


class INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntent : INIntent


An INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntent object asks you to retrieve the current restaurant reservations associated with the user. Maps sends this intent to your Intents extension when it needs information about all of the user’s current reservations, or when it needs information about one or more specific reservations. Use the properties of this object to determine which reservations to return.

When searching for reservations, use the reservationIdentifier properties to fetch only the specified reservation, or use the restaurant property to fetch pending reservations only at the specified restaurant. If both of those properties are nil, retrieve all of the user’s currently pending reservations. After fetching the appropriate set of reservations, use the maximumNumberOfResults and earliestBookingDateForResults properties to limit the set of results you return as part of your response.

To handle this intent, the handler object in your Intents extension must adopt the INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentHandling protocol. Your handler should resolve and confirm any parameters and create an INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentResponse object using the found results.

Additional Intent Attributes

Table 1 lists additional attributes of this intent object.

Table 1

Get user current restaurant reservation intent attributes



Supported by


Always requires unlocked device



Initializing the Intent Object

Getting the Search Parameters

var restaurant: INRestaurant?

A restaurant to use as a filter when searching for reservations.

var reservationIdentifier: String?

An identifier to use when searching for the user’s reservations.

Getting the Result Limits

var maximumNumberOfResults: NSNumber?

The maximum number of reservations to include in your response object.

var earliestBookingDateForResults: Date?

The earliest date to associate with any reservations.


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Get User Current Restaurant Reservation Bookings

protocol INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentHandling

The handler interface for fetching and delivering the user’s current reservations.

class INGetUserCurrentRestaurantReservationBookingsIntentResponse

Your app’s response to a get user current restaurant reservation bookings intent.