A request for you to fulfill using your Intents extension.


class INIntent : NSObject


The INIntent class is abstract and provides behaviors shared by all intent objects. You do not create instances of this class directly or implement your own custom subclasses. The Intents framework defines subclasses for each of the requests that users can make in Siri and Maps. You use instances of those classes when responding to a request sent to your Intents extension by SiriKit.

Each subclass of INIntent defines the properties needed to perform the corresponding action. For more information about a specific type of action, see the appropriate subclass.


Getting the Identifier

var identifier: String?

The unique identifier for this intent object.

Getting a Description

var intentDescription: String?

A string describing the content of the intent.

Suggesting a Spoken Phrase

Associating an Image

func keyImage() -> INImage?

The most relevant image to display to the receiver.


Inherits From

See Also


class INIntentResponse

Your response to an intent object.