Errors returned by SiriKit.


struct INIntentError


Interaction Errors

static var interactionOperationNotSupported: INIntentError.Code

The INInteraction object could not be donated or deleted because those capabilities are not supported on the current device.

static var donatingInteraction: INIntentError.Code

The INInteraction object could not be donated to the system.

static var deletingAllInteractions: INIntentError.Code

The system was unable to delete all donated INInteraction objects.

static var deletingInteractionWithIdentifiers: INIntentError.Code

The system was unable to delete the specified set of INInteraction objects.

static var deletingInteractionWithGroupIdentifier: INIntentError.Code

The system was unable to delete the INInteraction objects using their group identifier.

Extension Errors

static var intentSupportedByMultipleExtension: INIntentError.Code

An intent was supported by more than one Intents extension in the same app.

static var restrictedIntentsNotSupportedByExtension: INIntentError.Code

An intent was listed in the IntentsRestrictedWhileLocked key of the app’s Info.plist, but not in the IntentsSupported key.

static var noHandlerProvidedForIntent: INIntentError.Code

No object was provided to handle the specified intent.

static var invalidIntentName: INIntentError.Code

The extension declared support for a nonexistent intent.

static var extensionLaunchingTimeout: INIntentError.Code

The extension failed to launch in a timely manner.

static var extensionBringUpFailed: INIntentError.Code

There was an error while trying to communicate with the extension.

Other Errors

Operator Functions

static func != (INIntentError, INIntentError) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether two values are not equal.

See Also


enum INIntentError.Code

Constants for error codes returned by the framework.

let INIntentErrorDomain: String

The error domain for the Intents framework.

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