Type Method


Deletes the specified interactions that were donated by the calling app.


+ (void)deleteInteractionsWithIdentifiers:(NSArray<NSString *> *)identifiers completion:(void (^)(NSError *error))completion;



An array of strings containing the identifiers of the interactions that you want to delete. Each string corresponds to the value stored in the identifier property of the interaction object.


A block to execute with the results. Provide a block if you want to know whether the deletion action was successful. The block has no return value and takes the following parameter.


An error object indicating a problem occurred. On success, this parameter is nil. If there was an error, this parameter contains an error object describing what happened.


Call this method to delete a specific set of donated Siri interactions. Typically, you delete interactions when they are no longer relevant. If you provide a block in the completion parameter, the system executes your block asynchronously with the results.

See Also

Deleting Interactions from the System

+ deleteAllInteractionsWithCompletion:

Deletes all interactions that you donated previously.

+ deleteInteractionsWithGroupIdentifier:completion:

Deletes the interactions with the specified group identifier.