Instance Property


The date after which the specified ride options are no longer valid.


var expirationDate: Date? { get set }


Use this property to specify when the ride options may become invalid. If the user does not select a ride option within the specified expiration date, SiriKit may send a new INListRideOptionsIntent object to your handler before letting the user choose an option.

If you do not set a value for this property, the ride options do not expire automatically. The system does not necessarily cache ride options until the expiration date. It keeps a reference to them only while the user is viewing them, and may request an updated set of options at any time. Any explicit user request for a list of ride options always results in fresh calls to your handler object to provide that information.

The default value of this property is nil.

See Also

Accessing the Response Parameters

var rideOptions: [INRideOption]?

An array of ride options representing the services and prices that you are able to offer.

var paymentMethods: [INPaymentMethod]?

An array of payment methods supported by your service.