Instance Property


An array of ride options representing the services and prices that you are able to offer.


var rideOptions: [INRideOption]? { get set }


Use this property to specify the ride options that you are able to offer the user. Ride options provide general information about the pricing and passenger capacity of a class of vehicles in your fleet. They may also contain special conditions such as whether multiple users can share the ride. Include only the ride options that you could potentially book in the immediate future. You may also want to specify a value for the expirationDate property if pricing or availability can change.

The default value of this property is nil. If you do not offer service in the user’s area, you may leave this property set to nil.

See Also

Accessing the Response Parameters

var expirationDate: Date?

The date after which the specified ride options are no longer valid.

var paymentMethods: [INPaymentMethod]?

An array of payment methods supported by your service.