Your app’s response to a list ride options intent.


@interface INListRideOptionsIntentResponse : INIntentResponse


An INListRideOptionsIntentResponse object contains your app’s response to a request for ride options that your service offers. SiriKit can ask for a list of ride options at any time. When creating your response object, provide the types of vehicles you can offer in the rideOptions property. Each option provides information about a specific type of vehicle, including information about the pricing and passenger capacity of those vehicles. You can also provide information about accepted forms of payment and when the list of ride options expires.

When creating a response object with a code that involves launching the app, always provide a relevant NSUserActivity object. The activity object gets delivered to your parent app so that it has the context that it needs to handle the operation.

You create an INListRideOptionsIntentResponse object in the confirmListRideOptions:completion: and handleListRideOptions:completion: methods of your handler object. For more information about implementing your handler object, see INListRideOptionsIntentHandling.


Initializing the Response Object

- initWithCode:userActivity:

Initialize the response object with the specified code and user activity object.

Getting the Response Code


The code indicating whether you successfully handled the intent.

Accessing the Response Parameters


An array of ride options representing the services and prices that you are able to offer.


The date after which the specified ride options are no longer valid.


An array of payment methods supported by your service.



Constants indicating the state of the response.


Inherits From

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