Instance Property


The users that received the message.


var recipients: [INPerson]? { get }


When creating INPerson objects for recipients, use the init(personHandle:nameComponents:displayName:image:contactIdentifier:customIdentifier:isMe:)method, and set the isMe parameter to true if the recipient is also the user of the device. Set the isMe parameter to false for all other recipients.

See Also

Getting the Message Attributes

var messageType: INMessageType

The type of content contained in the message.

enum INMessageType

Constants indicating the type of content contained in a message.

var sender: INPerson?

The user that sent the message.

var groupName: INSpeakableString?

The name of the group associated with the message.

var content: String?

The content of the message.

var dateSent: Date?

The date the sender sent the message.