The content and metadata associated with a single note entry in your app.


class INNote : NSObject


When SiriKit asks you to create a note, use an instance of this class to specify the contents of the note.


Getting the Note Content

var title: INSpeakableString

The title text for the note.

var contents: [INNoteContent]

The main content of the note.

Getting the Group Name

var groupName: INSpeakableString?

The user-visible name of the group that contains the note.

Getting the Modification Dates

var createdDateComponents: DateComponents?

The creation date of the note.

var modifiedDateComponents: DateComponents?

The date on which the intent most recently modified the note.

Identifying the Note

var identifier: String?

The unique identifier that you use to identify the note internally.


Inherits From

See Also

Note Objects

class INNoteContent

An abstract class that defines the types of content contained in notes.

class INTextNoteContent

The textual content of a note.

class INImageNoteContent

An image contained in a note.