An object that represents a custom intent parameter.


class INObject : NSObject


Use INObject to create an instance of an intent parameter that you define as type Custom in your Intent Definition file.

Figure 1

Intent parameters soup and options defined as type Custom

Screenshot showing soup and options defined in the Intent Definition file from the Soup Chef sample code project.


Creating an Intent Parameter Object

init(identifier: String?, display: String)

Creates a custom parameter object with the specified identifier and display string.

init(identifier: String?, display: String, pronunciationHint: String?)

Creates a custom parameter object with the specified identifier, display string, and pronunciation hint.

Getting the Identifier

var identifier: String?

A string that identifies the custom parameter object within your app.

Getting the Display String

var displayString: String

A string that Siri displays that describes the parameter.

Getting the Pronunciation Hint

var pronunciationHint: String?

A pronunciation hint for the custom parameter in a “sounds like” format.

Accessing Alternative Matches

var alternativeSpeakableMatches: [INSpeakableString]?

An array of alternative speakable strings that identify the object.

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