The handler interface for paying a bill using money from the user’s account.


@protocol INPayBillIntentHandling


Use the methods of the INPayBillIntentHandling protocol to resolve, confirm, and handle requests to pay bills. Adopt this protocol in an object of your Intents extension that is capable of initiating the bill-payment process.

Siri delivers an INPayBillIntent object to your handler when the user asks to pay a bill using your app. The provided intent object contains information about the bill, including the amount to pay and the organization to receive the money. Use the methods of this protocol to resolve the organization and payment details and initiate the transaction.


Resolving the Intent Parameters

- resolveBillPayeeForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves the entity that originated the bill.

- resolveBillTypeForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves the type of the bill.

- resolveFromAccountForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves the user account that provides the funds for paying the bill.

- resolveTransactionAmountForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves the amount to pay toward the bill.

- resolveDueDateForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves the due date of the bill.

- resolveTransactionScheduledDateForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves the date on which the payment will occur.

- resolveTransactionNoteForPayBill:withCompletion:

Resolves any custom notes associated with the transaction.

Confirming the Response

- confirmPayBill:completion:

Confirms the transaction details.

Handling the Intent

- handlePayBill:completion:

Handles scheduling payment of the bill.



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A request to transfer of money to facilitate payment of a bill.


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