A user account that provides the funds when making a payment.


class INPaymentAccount : NSObject


An INPaymentAccount object represents a user account known to your app. When paying bills, you use the specified payment account as the source of any funds involved in the financial transaction. Your app must have the authority to transfer funds from the designated account to any payees.


Getting the Account Details

var nickname: INSpeakableString?

A user-defined name that identifies the account.

var organizationName: INSpeakableString?

The name of the organization that supplies the account to the user.

var accountType: INAccountType

The type of the account.

enum INAccountType

Constants indicating the type of account involved in a financial transaction.

var accountNumber: String?

A string to help the user differentiate between similar accounts.

Getting the Account Balance

var balance: INBalanceAmount?

The primary balance associated with the account.

var secondaryBalance: INBalanceAmount?

A secondary balance, if any, associated with the account.

class INBalanceAmount

A balance associated with an account.


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Data Objects

enum INAccountType

Constants indicating the type of account involved in a financial transaction.

class INBillDetails

The detailed information associated with a bill.

class INBillPayee

The entity that receives the proceeds from a bill payment.

class INCurrencyAmount

An amount of money to transfer during a financial transaction.

class INPaymentAmount

The amount of money to apply to a bill payment.

class INPaymentMethod

Information about a form of payment supported by your app.

class INPaymentRecord

Detailed information about a financial transaction made between two users.

enum INPaymentStatus

Constants indicating the state of the financial transaction.

class INPerson

The information about a user involved in a SiriKit interaction.

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